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How To Hire Bill Kramer Marketing

If you would like Bill Kramer Marketing to consider representing your program, please print and complete the following questions, then send it to us.  Please include your brochures and price lists.  We will contact you as soon as it has been reviewed.

Prospective Manufacturer Questionnaire

Bill Kramer Marketing
PO Box 317
Brighton, MI 48116

tel. 810-229-0003
fax 810-229-7670

Please email us a URL link or PDF of your catalog etc.

Basic Information

Date: _______ 
Vendor: (include trade names)_____________________________________________
Type of Merchandise: (please describe)___________________________________
Best Selling Items: ____________________________________________________
Best Type of Retailers to be Targeted:_________________________________

Contact Information

Principal(s)/President: ______________  Ph/Fx ______________ E-mail ______________
Sales Manager: ___________________  Ph/Fx ______________ E-mail ______________
Customer Service contact: ______________ Credit Contact __________________ E-mail ______________
(Circle One)   Sole Prop. Corp. Partnership 
Mailing address:______________________ City_____________ State____ Zip_______
FOB / shipping address: _____________________________ 
City _________________  State ____  Zip_______ 
800#_______________ 800 FAX#__________________ 
Alternate phone #________________ E-Mail _______________
Web Site URL _______________________________

Helpful Questions For Us (Please complete all)

How long in business? ____    Commission Rates: ___%
Total US Sales Volume (Last Year)$_______
In what territory are you are looking for coverage? :
(Circle)Territory: MI     Ft. Wayne,IN    Toledo, OH  
Total Sales Volume (Last Year) for above territory: $___________
Will you send us an account list for our territory?: __Yes  __No
Your Customer Service Hours of Operation:  ___________  
What percent of orders received do you ship? _______%
Typical Ship Lead Time:____________
Requested Opening Order amount: $_____ Requested Reorder Amount: $______
When do you pay commissions? (check one):
Will you send us Shipping/Invoice Confirmation Copies?:
___No   ___Yes, Monthly   Other_______________
Specify the classes of trade you want us to cover:
____All Class of Trade   or Specify:______________________________
Specify Any House Accounts in our Territory:_________________________________________
Indicate Payment Terms You Accept:
___N30    ___COD   __1% N30  ___N60
New Account Policy: ___________________________________________
Freight policy: ___________________
Volume Discount or Allowances: ________________________
Is product U.P.C coded?: __Yes  __No
Do You have a current catalog?: __Yes  __No
Duns #:_______________________
Any other comments:_____________________________________________


Previous Sales Firm (in Michigan): __________________________
Other Sales Agencies that are Currently Representing You: (LIST 3 PLEASE)


Brochures/Price List

Please include current brochures and price list with this questionnaire.

Contact Info.

Bill Kramer Marketing
PO Box 317
Brighton, MI 48116
Tel. 810-229-0003

Fort Wayne, IN
Toledo, OH

Customers Types
Mass Merchandisers
Home Centers
Hardline Distributors
Independent Stores
Garden Centers
Lumber Retailers
Convenience Distributors

ACO Hardware
The Andersons
Commerce Corporation
Do It Best Hardware
Dunham's Sports
English Gardens
Family Farm & Home
HT Hackney
S Abraham & Sons
Spartan Stores


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